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Furniture Making

General woodwork full day class open to all levels.

Beginners enjoy an introduction to various hand tools and techniques from measuring and marking, cutting using a saw, using a hand plane, gluing, sanding and finishing with shellac and beeswax. Beginners projects will be completed by the end of the day.

For participants with previous experience or who are a little more confident, we have a range of suggested projects such as Stools, Hall Tables, Coffee Tables, Kitchen Tables, Advanced Box Making etc.  For more information go to Furniture Making or Course Overview.

Canto Guitar, Ukulele and Mandolin Making can also take place with this group.

Course Fee:  € 125.00 per session attended with refreshments & complementary lunch provided.

** Please note that such projects will require more time commitment depending on individual skills. Material costs are extra. **

Hill Picket Studio, Avoca, Co. Wicklow

+353 (0)87 2630 588