Ukulele, Mandolin, Canjo or Cigar Box Guitar

Building your own instrument at Hill Picket Studio is a personal process in which you are an integral part of the creative journey. You have the opportunity to choose every detail from headstock design, model and tone woods to tuners. You have the opportunity to refine every detail creating an instrument of your dreams while taking home with you valuable skills in musical instrument making.

Mandolin and Ukulele classes now fall under classical guitar and are taught by Master Luthier Lloyd McCann. If you’re interested in instrument making both of these instruments are a good starting point as they are considerable less time to make than a classical guitar does. Materials can be purchased from us and all tools are provided. Everyone is free to work at their own pace. This course can begin on any Saturday or mid-week general woodwork class. Options include Canjo Guitar, Cigar Box Guitar, Mandolin, Soprano and Tenor Ukulele

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Material costs- Mandolin & Ukulele: approx €120.00

Class fee: €125.00 per session attended with complimentary lunch provided.