Moravian Stool - Based on a Swiss German design from the early 1800’s, this project offers a host of interesting learning points; ** How to mark out and plane an 8 sided taper. Each leg of the stool is 8 sided. ** Introduction to woodturning by turning a dowel onto the leg for joint ** Create a sliding dovetail joint to the under side of the seat. ** Mark out and position a compound mitre for the legs ** Scribe legs to correct angles This project is an excellent introduction to chair making and especially relevant to Windsor Chairs. There are various ways this project can be extended if so desired. This project will take two sessions or more depending on skill levels and is medium rated.

Side Table - This project is only limited by your own imagination ! Taking a given materials list you can design an occasional side table for use in your hall or living room etc. There are some principal learning points in this project; ** Marking out for mortice and tenon joints ** Taper the legs ** Join the wood for the top and apply a profile ** Apply Shellac and Beeswax finish There are numerous ways this project can be extended; by including a drawer or by the application of decorative banding inlay and string line inlay. This project will take five sessions or more depending on skill levels and is rated medium.

Wood Wall Art - Presents some unique opportunities to not only learn about wood grain and colour, composition and application, but also provides a grounding through mindfulness. The participant will be provided with a colourful variety of wood strips and then design a composition and carefully apply to a back board. No wood working experience is required for this project and can be treated as an opportunity to indulge in a day long meditation or retreat, far from the madding crowds. A basic design project will take one session but the more complex the design please expect to invest more time. You will emerge from this project as a more settled and centered person !!

Box with Sliding Lid - At Beginners level, this project affords a number of important learning points and at the same time is open to creative interpretation. ** Introduction to working with hard wood. ** Abrasive papers and correct sanding techniques ** Measuring and marking ** Adhesives and assembly ** Final Sanding and an introduction to Shellac and Beeswax finishing. This is a Beginners project and suitable for all age groups with no previous woodworking experience required. It is a super keepsake project and will be completed in one session.