Furniture and Fine Woodwork Gallery

Everyone who comes to Hill Picket Studio has a different goal, a different ambition and a different set of design and practical skills. We are endlessly amazed by the beautiful designs people have and the wonderful work they produce. We are thrilled to be able to help people on their journey and exploration of working with wood. Below is a gallery demonstrating just some of the wonderfully diverse and beautifully crafted work people have produced at Hill Picket Studio under the instruction and tuition of Chaim. Some participants come for just one day while others have stayed with us for years starting with the beginners project and building their way up to exquisite cabinet making or instrument making. Please go to Classical guitar making for images of instrument making.

Furniture Making & Wood Carving.

Here at Hill Picket Studio we offer a broad spectrum of courses catering to all levels. Participants work either from set projects or on their own project design.

Participants are introduced to the use of hand tools such as chisels, wood planes and saws.

We guide people through safe and correct methods of sharpening and general care of hand tools.

Participants are introduced to a selection of Irish hardwoods such as Yew, Beech and Sycamore as well as some exotic timbers and tone-woods used in instrument making.

We facilitate the exploration of wood joints, basic design techniques and introduce abrasives, adhesives and various finishing techniques including shellac and waxes.

For the more advanced and for those wishing to progress to more complex projects, we welcome personal designs that require more complicated applications such as jig building, routing, steam bending, lamination and working curves etc.

We also welcome design students who might wish to progress thesis prototypes, 3rd level programme assignments and Leaving Cert students who would like to improve their practical skills. Special provision towards the Construction Studies practical exam and a mock test will be offered in the April session.

Please call us on +353 (0)402 30581 for further details.

Tutor: Chaim Factor

General Woodwork Classes 

General woodwork classes open to all levels. Individuals work on personal projects of their choice and at their own pace. We facilitate on design, wood selection and preparation. Material costs are extra and vary from project to project. Project materials start from € 25.00

Ukulele & Mandolin Making can be taken during any General Woodwork Class.

Are you free mid week ??

Tuesday & Wednesday Mornings 09.30 - 13.00

Course Fee:  € 35.00 per session attended.

Wednesday Evenings 19.00 - 21.00

Course Fee:  € 25.00 per session attended.

Saturday Full Day  09.30 - 17.00

Course Fee: €125.00 per session attended, complementary lunch included

Check Course Dates for up and coming classes.

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