Mindfulness Through Wooden Wall Art  

Full Day 9.30am-5pm includes all materials & complementary lunch



Sometimes that stillness we all crave comes in the most unexpected of places.  

No previous woodwork experience is necessary to create a lovely piece of wooden wall art. I will prepare a range of materials for you that will allow you to create your own unique piece of artwork.

Over the years I have learned that woodwork and the art of creating is a wonderful way of achieving inner calm. Working with wood demands your total attention and therefore brings about a pure state of consciousness. From start to finish - the design process, using machinery or hand tools, working within dimensions and working with such an unforgiving material - requires being in the moment, focused attention and precision. Now I am present! My mind is still and absent of all ego while I mark, cut or plane. And there is a wonderful sense of achievement when the work is complete.

Today our lives are fast-paced and our minds are overloaded with information. The dominant use of the left-side of our brain furthers us from our emotional intelligence, intuition and our ability to connect with ourselves in a deep and meaningful way. With our busy lives relaxation time is often on a schedule, our weekly yoga class, a daily walk or evening bath. Even during this special time our minds can wander out of control pondering or worrying about future and past events. Practicing mindfulness and presence moment awareness is a good way of calming that mental monkey and incessant chatter. Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and sound therapy are all good ways of finding that moment of stillness and calm. And so is woodwork!